#bookreview ‘Skyward’ by Brandon Sanderson- Age 14+

‼️ Contain spoilers

IMG_20190311_154510_726.jpgI picked up ‘Skyward’  because my friend Meggie, created a book club, and being a good friend and book lover I joined. It’s called BNN Book Club (Book Nerd Nation book club ) on Goodreads. ’Skyward’ was January’s pick, and I’m only reading it now…in March…


I’ve never read a Brandon Sanderson book before, and I’m very glad that this was the first. His writing style is very straight forwards, and I really like that. I though that this was book was both character based and plot based.

Spensa as a main character was very well developed in my opinion . In the beginning she was a bit bratty and annoying, but as time went by in Flight school, and she learned more about her father and other people around her, she used her experience to learn about herself. Her character development arc was very straight cowards, not overly complicated – it was about finding the truth. The truth about her father as well as the truth of who she is.

The plot has a very nice pace. It has more than enough action, and suspense. I really liked how the book was split into five sections, it gave the book a passage on time for me, and it gave me a sense that some events were finishing while others were starting – in other words, the more sections I finished the more I got the feeling that shit was going down.

20190312_201955.pngMy favourite character in this whole book is M-Bot, he’s so funny and cute. Yes, cute! I don’t care that he’s a ship, he’s so adorable with his obsession for mushrooms.

I really enjoyed the ending. I didn’t see it coming at all. The idea that humans are too dangerous for the universe is completely plausible, but I didn’t consider the possibility that we were the bad guys….because I’m human duh! The aliens are always the bad guys, right?!

Humanity being prisoners for the good of the galaxy is such a good idea. This ending really blew my mind, I loved this idea that we have to contained. Knowing human history, I can sort of guess where this series is going to go – we’re going to break free, obviously…right?!

This book doesn’t have any romance in it, and I didn’t think that I would like that, but I did. There was a hint of the possibility of it being present in the future between Spensa and Jorgen, maybe, and I’m very surprise to find that I don’t care either way, if it happens or not.

I’m really excited on how this series is going to continue. This first book is a great start to the series, I hope that it only grows from here. ‘Skyward’ according to Goodreads in the first book of four. The second book, ‘ Starsight’ scheduled to be realesed in October 2019 – and I must say that I am very excited for it. Will we be having a prison break? I hope so, it sounds really fun and exciting.


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