🎧Pros and cons of audiobooks 📖

20190228_145506.pngA while ago, someone commented on one of my Instagram photos and said that they didn’t get the appeal of audiobooks – and I asked myself “ what is the appeal?”

For me, audiobooks are still new, even after trying them for a few years now. I started using them in my last year of university. I was studying for my exams and I needed to re- read and read the books from my course and I’m not really sure where I heard or from who, but I remember hearing that audiobooks could help you read faster. So I gave it a try, and it worked, I read the books super fast and the audiobooks really helped.

I used Audible at the time, I had the app for a while but I couldn’t get into it before. I set the speed to 2x, which if you listen, sounds crazy that someone might be able to understand what’s being said, but at the time I pretty much concentrated 100 % to it, and I also had the physical book in front of me which made it easier to understand what’s being said. Now though I don’t need to speed up so much, and honestly I don’t like it, it gives me a massive headache.

Any-who, I was thinking what the appeal of audiobooks was and thought I would share my the pros and cons of listening to audiobooks, in case you are wondering what the appeal of audiobooks are.


🔊 Sometimes big books are very intimidating, so I think that audiobooks really help with them. The reading is done for you, so you have just to sit back and enjoy. Usually I only buy audibooks of big books that’s I’m super scared of picking up,

🔊 You can listen to a good book while doing something else. One way that I loved to listen to audiobooks is while I’m cleaning. I used to always have either music or a tv show or film on while I was cleaning, so I thought I would switch it up one day to audiobooks and I was quite nice.

🔊 Its easier on the eyes. I were glasses and sometimes when I read for too long my eyes really hurt and I get some really bad headaches. With audiobooks you can just lay back, rest your eyes and listen to whatever story you want.

🔊 A good narrator can enhance you experience. When a book has a good narrator I really enjoy the book more. They bring out the emotions in the page more clearly to me sometimes and really add to the experience of the book. Also, English is my second language and sometimes I’m uncertain about how to say/read something, so I love listening to the narrator and how the pronounced some words. Multiple narrators sometimes are really fun to listen, they bring the story alive and make it more realistic.


🔊 Audiobooks are expensive. I’m only speaking from my personal experience, and to be honest I haven’t really researched cheaper options. I mainly use Audible, and a book can be as much as £20 and for someone who usually buy paperbacks and ebooks that’s a really expensive. The Audible package I have is one where I pay around £7 per month for 1 credit, which I can buy 1 book with. That’s more than enough for me as audiobooks is a format I don’t use that often, and most time I let I don’t use that credit and just let it accumulate for when I do want to listen to something expecific.

🔊 If you lose your place it can be hard to find it again. I use Audible and sometimes the chapters in the audiobook don’t match, and that can be confusing to find specific parts.

🔊 If you get too busy or distracted it can be easy to tune it out. This is something that I do sometimes, I get busy with something and tune out what’s being said and I lose my place, and then it can be a bit of a pain to find where you were- what you lays listened.

🔊 If you don’t like or connect with the narrators voice you can be put off. This has happened to me a few times where the narrators voice of day of reading really put me off enjoying the book. Reading is very personal, everyone have their own way that they read and if you don’t connect with the narrator in some way you can be put off from a good book.

🎧 Do you listen to audibooks?




4 thoughts on “🎧Pros and cons of audiobooks 📖

  1. I have a problem following audiobooks, usually my mind just starts to wander. But I do like them occasionally. But I need to be at home and not really doing anything else whilst I am listening.


    1. I have that problem too sometimes with some books, specially if they’re long winded and with loads of details. Sometimes I listen with the physical book – which feels a bit like missing the point of audibooks, but I like it. I usually only listen at home too when I’m alone, if people are around I get super distracted 😁

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