#bookrecommendation – 4 18+ books to read this Valentine’s Day

Untitled_Artwork.pngThis Thursday is Valentine’s Day, yay, Love. When February started I started doing this thing called #booksvalentine – where I been recommending romance books for the leading days to the big day. So, I thought I could do that here too.

I love romance books, its the main genre I read. I do read other genres and sub genres, but usually there’s always romance somewhere in the plot – if I were to analyse why I would probably say…it’s Disney’s fault.

So here are 4 romance books I think would be great to read this Valentine’s Day – actually I should probably say series to start this Valentine’s day, because all the books ended up all being series.

  1. ‘Firefly Hollow’ by T.L. Haddix SmartSelect_20190213-181855_Amazon Kindle.jpg

‘Firefly Hollow’ is a great old fashioned romance book with a fantasy twist. When I read it, it melted my heart like butter, while at the same time making me intrigued to the end with the fantasy element thrown in.

‘Firefly Hollow’ is the first book of the series, that now has 15 books, but don’t be intimidated. All the books in this series have really fast plots so it doesn’t feel like the story drags. I fell like every single book in the series is original and that it doesn’t fall under that recycled romance category.

2. ‘Rock Addiction’ by Nalini Singh

SmartSelect_20190213-181921_Amazon Kindle.jpg‘Rock Addiction’ is a steamy hot contemporary romance of a one-night stand that turns out it isn’t. It follows Molly, a New Zealander, who’s relationship shy because of the ugly scandal that ruined her childhood, and Zachary Fox, the hot bad boy by rock star that could more than likely become her addiction.

I love Nalini Singh’s psy-changelling series, and this contemporary book was no different. I love Molly and Fox’s love story. I don’t normally read contemporary books because they usually are cringe and stereotypical, but this book wasn’t like that at all I feel. Am I being biased because I love the author, definitely.

3. ‘The Dark Night’ by Gena Showalter

SmartSelect_20190213-181623_Amazon Kindle.jpg‘The Dark Night’ is the first book of the Lords of The Underworld series, which has 13 books. If you like Greek Mythology like I do this is a good book for you. This series has super steamy romances and lots of action and danger.

The Lords of the Underworld are cursed immortal warrior created by Zeus to guard him, they, jealous that Pandora was chosen to guard the box instead of them decided to show the gods how wrong they were by opening Pandora’s box – as their punishment Zeus sealed inside them Pandora’s demons from inside the box and banished them from Olympus. Each book follows a different warrior, overcoming their demon and finding love.

4. ‘Dark Lover’ by J.R. Ward

SmartSelect_20190213-181803_Amazon Kindle.jpg‘Dark Lover’ is the first book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series- it is a paranormal romance series of a vampire race at war with their slayers. I read this series when I was really into the vampire trend/trope of books that was going around a few years ago…who am I trying to kid, I’m still into it Anyway, I loved how dark this series was, even though sometimes it has some cliche…but no one is perfect.

‘Dark Lover’ is told from multiple P.O.V.s and it has more than one plot going on at the same time. From this book the author sets up different plots that happens throughout the series – so this is a series that is meant to be read as whole really. Though I will be honest and say that this series has gone through some changes in the last few books that made me a bit less interested in reading the latest new books.


So here they are, I hope that they might interest you.

Do you any recommendations?



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