✨New Year Resolutions🎇

Happy New Year everyone – Did you have a good Christmas? A good New Year’s? Mine wasn’t anything to write home about but that didn’t put me off 2019 being a great year.

I’m super motivated to work hard to make this year a brilliant year. Let’s see how long that lasts right!?  I always have all kinds of plans in my mind but I kept putting them off – so I’m determined that this year will be the other I carry them out.

So, I though I would write down some New Years resolutions that I could look back at when I get too lazy and feel like I’m done with this year. I’m clearly Miss Positive right!

I really want to expand this blog this year. To have more and better content.

Last year, I started a schedule where I posted every Tuesday, and I really want to keep that, but I want to work on it regularly, and not miss posts days for silly reasons.

Though, I’m planning on posting more than just four posts a month. I’m thinking of posting something outside of that every now and then as well. Maybe a mini review, fun tags or just some random post I want to do now and then.

My Goodreads challenge 2019 was already set, but I while I was writing a post for next week I realized that I have to re-think how I do this years Goodreads Challenge. Last year I managed to reach my goal of 100 books, but this year I’ve changed the goal to 59. I want to focus more on the books I read rather than on how many I read.

I also want to read more physical books. I tend to read mostly on Kindle, and my physical books end up going unread. I love e-books but I want to go back to the roots of reading you know. Take my time and enjoy the act of reading more and not just go through books like water, like I did last year.

I really want to get serious about writing. My head is always full of ideas but I rarely write them down like I plan to. So instead of putting it off to later, I want to try and do it when I get that feeling that I should be writing comes. Be it for this blog or for my own book, which I plan on starting this year.

I don’t want go set up a goal of how much I should be writing because I know that will put me off – I will keep thinking that I should be writing and then I won’t. I know myself, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So I’m just want to put my mind to writing more.

For years I wanted to draw, but I always thought I was really bad at it, so I always brushed it off. This year I want to start drawing more too, regardless of how bad I think it is, if I don’t practice how will I get better?

In my mind I keep telling myself that if it doesn’t look like the “standard”, then it’s not worth the time – and that’s an mentality that I want go get rid of this year. I don’t want to be a museum worthy artist, but just someone having fun drawing a silly drawing of a silly character and things.

Did you make any New Year resolutions?

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