#BookTips Reading while broke

SmartSelect_20181023-122600_Instagram.jpgReading can be a very expensive hobby to have, specially when you are looking to always read all the newest releases. Buying straight from book stores can be a bit heavy on the pocket, even though going into a book store and buying a book is the best thing. As someone who doesn’t have that much money to spend on books as often as I like, these are a few things that I do.

These are some tips, of what I do, where I  go, to have as many books to read that I can handle, for less.

→ Use your local library!SmartSelect_20181023-194606_Google.jpg

Libraries are absolutely great, they are FREE! Find out where your closest is and get a card, it’s super easy, I swear. Sure, depending how big your local library is your choices might be limited when it comes to the newest releases, but I’ve found that most libraries have a great selection of books – and I know that if you ask your librarian you’ll find that they are very willing to help you out. Though, just remember to return or renewal  the books before the due date, otherwise they will charge you. I’ve been burned many times.


SmartSelect_20181023-194651_Google.jpg→ Kindle

I love Kindle, though I hardly use my actual Kindle anymore, I use the Kindle app on my phone. What I like about it so much is that, you can adjust your setting when you are searching for books in a specific genre for the lowest price, and most times that list start with the free books.

For me this works quiet well because when I do this I’m just looking for a random book to read, and most times I love the books that I find. Like I said this way is more genre orientated, but I’ve found that Kindle does have a great system to narrow down depending on what you are looking for. For example, I like searching for romance books, kindle has different options of romance for me to choose from, and it filters the books on your options, read books and searches.

Also, Kindle many times have really great deals on new released e-books. I’ve bought many newly release books as e-books for less than £3, while the retail price is £7 – that’s a great bargain!


→ Kindle UnlimitedSmartSelect_20181023-194744_Google.jpg

Kindle Unlimited it’s a bit like a digital library, you’re allowed 10 books in your library  at one time – after that you have to return one of the books you borrowed. You are given unlimited access to all the Kindle Unlimited books library, but unlike a normal library you don’t have a due date, that book is yours to read for an unlimited amount of time.

It is more on the expensive side,but I think it’s worth it. There are different kinds of plans, so you can choose the ones that suits you best and it has a 30 day FREE trial that you can cancel at any time. You can give it a go and if it’s not for you, you didn’t spend any money for it.

→ Charity shops

I love a good charity shop! It has the best deals in used books. Yes, the books are used. Yes, there may not be the newest releases. But, you never know what you’ll find, I’ve found many newly released books in charity shops, and also, there are many hidden jewels in the charity shops shelves, you might find that old classic that you wanted to read or something totally different. You never know!SmartSelect_20181023-195009_Google.jpg

Charity shops are usually super cheap, they have £1 or £2 books, you just have to be patient and have a look around, I’m sure that you will find at least one book that you’ll like. Don’t be scared to take your time, I usually take ages in a charity shop looking around. Also, don’t go just to one – go to as many charity shops you have where you live. If you didn’t find anything in one, you might in another.

→ AmazonSmartSelect_20181023-195045_Google.jpg

Amazon is a great place to buy books online, and it’s also a great place to buy used books for less. When you search a book on Amazon you are shown the different formats that the book has. When it comes to paperback and hardbacks, most times you are shown an option to buy an used book or new from a 3rd party seller who’s selling through Amazon. Many times these two option are many times cheaper than the retail price. I’m a person who doesn’t mind used books, so I’ve bought many books from Amazon that were used, a few times as little as  1 pence plus postage, so basically I only paid for the postage which is usually  £2.80 – that’s an amazing bargain, specially when normal retail is £7 or £8.

I’m sure that most of these things, places or ways of buying books, you already knew, they are not exactly revolutionary, but sometimes we forget that they are out there. Buying books from the retail price is great, there’s nothing wrong with it, you’re paying for the  author’s work with sweat, blood and tears and by buying their book is how you help them in this very competitive industry- but, not many can afford to do that regularly, that’s life!

These are just some tips that I wanted to share in case you don’t know them, if you want to cut some corners or just save a little, because that doesn’t hurt anybody.




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