#booktubeathon2018 wrap up


So, booktube-a-thon ended this Sunday 5th,  and I’m must say I had a pretty successful one. I manged to complete all of the seven reading challenges and I’m very happy I managed, I didn’t think I would. They are not the point of this read-a-thon, but they were what was fun for me. I normally don’t follow a TBR and I’m super happy I managed to do it this time, it’s only a little achievement but it’s one that I’m pretty happy with.

This booktube-a-thon I managed to read 8 books. I’m a bit obsessed with Goodreads at the moment so when I couldn’t find one of the comic books I read on Goodreads, I read another one. Comics books are pretty quick to read so it’s not that big of a deal, and it was fun to read both, so, whatever.

Here are some quick review of the books I’ve this past week…


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them- The Original Screenplay- by J.K. Rowling



I loved this book. Reading the screenplay itself made me feel like I could connect more with the characters. There are little details that J. K. Rowling included in the directions that I personally think can’t be translated into the film.

For example, the level of Newts awkwardness. On screen Newt is awkward but from the screenplay I got the feeling that he wanted to get past his own awkwardness, not because there’s nothing wrong with it but because he’s lonely for more human connection. He can connect very easily to his beasts but I felt that he wanted someone to talk to, a friend, but his awkwardness got in the way, because he haven’t found many who could see him past it.

→ The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken 


20180723_1236064791721344056416343.jpgThis book wasn’t even really part of a reading challenge, but I really wanted to read it, so I did. I quickly got into the book and now I think I’m hooked on the series, even though I was sort of spoiled that the third book is a bit disappointing.

Also the film adaptation comes out on the 10th here in the UK, so I’m looking forwards to watching now that I’ve read the book. Though I don’t know if I should read the whole series before I do in case anything might be spoiled. I don’t know yet, probably not.

→ Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Heaney 


20180723_1236229056140551439642800.jpgReading this poetry collection made me feel so calm. Naturalism is a philosophy I always been attracted to and this collection has it in abundance. I cannot say that this collection changed my life, because it didn’t. The poems were beautiful and I love the writing style, but this is not the poetry collection that will make me into an devoted poetry reader.

→ The Voyage to the Magical North by Claire Fayers


20180723_1236334205399503382687691.jpgThis book was so much fun to read. There was everything that you expect from a pirate story, adventure, mystery, sword fights, magic and danger.

Thought I was not expecting how serious and mature it got at times. It dealt with gender roles, right and wrong and media roles (pretty much). I loved this book because of that, and I’m very excited for what comes next in the series. I’m definitely reading it.

→ The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows


20180723_1236462451256568624272177.jpgI read this book on Sunday 5th, I started Saturday late night but I only read 50 pages or so. At first I only wanted to read this book so it would add up to the seven books challenge, but as I got into it, I forgot about the read-a-thon and just enjoyed the book. It really surprised me how much I enjoyed this book, and I’m very glad I read it.

The story is told in a epistolary style (in the form of letters), and it’s really personal and easy to connect to. This book is about the aftermath of the second World War and the occupation of the German army in Guernsey, a small island in the English channel between England and France. It is an amazing story and it absolutely feels like a real life story. I’m still not convinced its a fictional story.



            → Teen Titans Go! Titans Together vol.1


→ Scooby Apocalypse vol.2 


These two comics were really fun to read. Like I said I couldn’t find for the life on me this volume of Teen Titans on Goodreads, so I also read Scooby Apocalypse together with it. Teen Titans is simply the cartoon in a comic format, it was fun, it was quick, and I loved it.

Scooby Apocalypse is more dark, it’s an apocalypse!, and it has a bit more of a plot to it, or it actually has a plot. I’m loving this scooby Apocalypse series (is it called a series? I don’t know) . The Characters are very different than I remember from the cartoons, but little bits of the originals are still there. I’m loving how dark it is, and I’m hating that I’ve to wait a month for more.


→ Black Butler, Vol. 1 by by Yana Toboso & Tomo Kimura



I’ve been getting back into manga recently, so when I saw this Black Butler manga in a charity shop I couldn’t help but buy it. I watched some of the anime and I remember a little of it, but I never actually read the manga, and it was great. I wanted to read this manga because my favorite author, Alanea Alder, was inspired by Sebastian to create one of my favorite characters of hers, Sei Ryuu, and I completely understand why. Sebastian is so cool, a magical butler and super hot too. I’m so glad I read it.


Out of the seven days I took part of five of the photo challenges on Instagram.


Monday- #btatfirst – the first book that got you into reading
Tuesday- #btatstack – a photo of a book stack
Thursday- #btatcollection – a photo with one of your book collections








Saturday- #btatthree – a photo of two books you read and one you haven’t
Sunday- #btatfav – a photo of your favourite book








Did you take part? How? I would loved to hear how you did.

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