#Review ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by J.K. Rowling


Today, July 31st, is Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling’s birthday, and since I been wanting to re-read the whole series again, I thought that I would make July my Harry Potter reading month…so I did.

The Harry Potter series will always have a special place in my reader heart. It was with it that I learnt most of my English and with it that I learnt how important friendship and love was.

This is a series that you’re meant to grown together with. I believe I found it when I was around 13 years old and from them on grew up together with Harry, Hermione and Ron. Though while re-reading it I found that it doesn’t matter your age, we can connect with the characters nonetheless. If you didn’t grow up with the books as so many did, you can still grow up with the characters mentally. These books makes you remember yourself while at the ages of the characters, as well as immerse you into this incredible magical world.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


I cannot give enough stars to this book. Picking it up to read just made me so happy. This world is so magical, and I remember how wowed I felt after reading this book for the first time. I felt giddy and couldn’t help but smile while I read it.

I realized that most of what I remembered of this book was from the film adaptation, and when I finished it I thought that it”s a shame that there are some people out there who haven’t actually ever read the books, and only have the adaptation to tell them the story. I loved the adaptations but the book just has this magical essence that film adaptations can’t achieve.

I though that I might get bored reading the books because I already knew what happened in it, but I wasn’t at all. I started picking up details that I forgot about or never picked up on.

Like, Sirius’ bike. Hagrid says in the beginning how Sirius gives him his bike to use to take Harry to Dumbledore. I never picked up on that, or maybe I had forgotten, but when I read that, I started freaking out that Sirius was already mentioned. So, from the beginning I felt bittersweet, because we all know what happened to Sirius. So knowing the story wasn’t boring or felt that it was spoiled, it made me connect with it even more. Since I already know what happen in the seven books in the series, picking up on different things made me see the story in a different light, it made me feel a different way about the books.

One thing that I felt that really surprised me while reading this book was that I didn’t like Harry and Ron together at the beginning. I mean let’s be real, they were little shits to Hermione, specially Ron – the way they treated her was very close to bullying. Ron is Harry’s first friend, and with the way that he was raised by the Dudley’s I can understand why he would go along with what his first friend would so and say. Ron has five older brothers and one younger sister, so he was always overshadowed by his older brothers and younger sister, when he went to Hogwarts I think that he tried to find his own place – and while doing that I think he got quiet mean, losing sight of what’s right and wrong.


I’m super glad that Harry and Ron were only like this for a short while. While saving Hermione from the Troll, I think they realized how their actions can affect people – as Hermione wouldn’t have locked herself in the girls toilet if they weren’t so mean to her. Their friendship was forged in fire, and I’m so glad. Their friendship has always been my friendship goals – to have friends who would walk through fire with you.

Norbert’s story line was much bigger than I remembered. I found the whole situation really funny. Hagrid is a character that I love, and after the whole Norbert situation I love him even more. Only him would not realize that raising a dragon in a tiny cottage is insane. I love our trio reaction to the Norbert and how involved they are with finding him a new home when it was needed.

By the time I finished chapter 15 – The Forbidden Forest- I was really mad at myself, I let the film influence my memories of Harry Potter so much. I was so shocked that Ron never went into the forest, it was Neville who went. Neville is in the book so much actually, I remembered, of course, how much important he was in the story but I didn’t realize so much. I absolutely love it though, I love Neville to bits, and knowing what we know about him from the later books, I loved him even more now too.

These were some of the little things that I noticed that I never payed attention to before. They don’t really change much of the story – they just added to my enjoyment of reading my childhood favorite.



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