My RARE experience 24.02.18

This February 24th I went to this little event called RARE 18 London.

📚 Romance Author Reader Event 📚


This event had over 100 authors  and the tickets for it was sold out in under 24 hours. If you follow me on social media you probably seen me post about it. I was so excited, two of my favorite authors were going to be there, and I couldn’t wait to meet them.

FB_IMG_1518813578870I found out about this event, while I was innocently stalking L.A. Casey‘s website. I got super excited and I looked at who else was coming and I found out that Alanea Alder was also coming, so I went running and bought a ticket.

They have RARE in various countries, for example there was the one I went to in London this year, and the next one will be in Rome June 23rd, there will be one in Paris and London next year as well and Edinburgh in 2020.  If you are interested here is a link to their website: . They do have a Facebook Group which has a buy and sell thread if you are interested, but it is a closed group, just search for RARE Attendees. The RARE Team are super awesome about getting back to you as soon as they can.

Anyway, this year in London it was a 3 day weekend event with 4 different parts;

  1.  The registration party on Friday the 23rd
  2. The all-day meeting the authors and signing on Saturday the 24th
  3. The after party on Saturday as well
  4. A screening of ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ on Sunday

20180314_121252I could only go to signing on Saturday because I live far from London, and I couldn’t really afford to stay in a hotel, but I’m happy. My best friend let me crash on her couch Friday night, and she lived literally  minutes away from the Venue so I got there super early, which was good because they queue was insane long. I went on my own, and it was absolutely great, and I think for my first time it was good that I only went to the signing only. I’m not what you call a social butterfly, so I think I would have felt very overwhelmed going to all these events on my own.

I went to this event only had read books from 5 different authors, and I managed to meet over 40. I felt really bad about not reading that many RARE authors, but I wanted to meet as many as I could and afterwards they could be my TBR authors. I did go on a binge of Suzanne Wright books after RARE, I found that they were in Kindle Unlimited and I read 9 of her books in like 4 days. That’s 1 author down and 34 authors to  go.



When I think about this event I imagine myself walking around like Hei Hei, the chicken from Moana. I literally walked around like a drunk chicken with my little book for the authors to sign. I was travelling by Train so I couldn’t take that many books for the authors to sign, so I bought a small scrap book for the authors to sign, and then later on I would decorate it and make it pretty (((but it’s already pretty with all the author’s signatures on it)))

A Tip if you are interested in going to RARE in the future. DO NOT TAKE A BACKPACK!!!!!!!!! It will kill you. Take a little trolley or a suitcase, anything with wheels. This is a massive event, and you’ll be there for hours, carrying whatever load of books you are taking with you. Take some water too and maybe some lunch, it will save you the expense, I didn’t buy anything at the event apart from books, so I’m not really sure if food was expensive, but normally in these events it is, and it will save you time.

2018-03-14_11.52.32I was there until the end, and I got to meet loads of amazing people, both authors and readers. It was so much fun. I was the awkward butterfly that I am, but it was it fine. I thought many times that I shouldn’t go, thanks to the the little demons in my head, but I pushed through it and I’m so glad I did.

I want to say thank you to all the organizers they did an amazing job, and to all the author that were there. They were all so kind and didn’t mind all my awkwardness, and they were just happy to talk about their books with me even though I didn’t read them.


To any romance book lovers out there I totally recommend going. I’m definitely going again and I hope to be better prepared next time too.


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