‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black #TheTravellingBookClub

I joined up with two of my best friends, Meggie from, BookMeUpScotty , and Pola from TheOstrichPen, to create a book club together. We ended up deciding on a travelling book, where one person picks a book for that month, reads it, makes notes, and send it to the other to read, and so on.

Meggie started us off this month by picking ‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black.



                   🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I really enjoyed this book. It was very well thought out, mysterious and very intriguing.  This is the first Holy Black books that I have read, and this book made me very excited to read her other books.

This is based around the faerie, and I have only read bits and pieces about them, I felt that Holy Black did a lot of research around them, and we could tell that from the writing. I mean, I doubt this world can be made up on the spot and be as believable.

The beginning was little confusing and a little slow, but this is a brand new world, so it takes a while for you to get into it, and I did, I was very much into it. After most of the characters were established, towards pages 100 or so, the book developed into a very fast paced book. The main, character Jude, was hit from all sides, she did not get a break. Jude is such a strong characters.

For me it didn’t feel like it was important that she was a strong female character, even though she was, what was important was that she is a ‘strong character’. She was beaten, pushed down so many times, but she just got up and dealt with it, and I really loved her for that.

I think that one of the things that I love most about this book is, that in this book there’s no black and white; good and evil; for sure. The lines between good and bad are so blended together that this book is mostly grey throughout.




This book was full of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

First of all, Locke, I saw his evil coming a mile away, I felt that he was going to do something to screw Jude over at some point. He got close to Jude out of nowhere. He watched her get bullied and nearly killed and did nothing, then all of a sudden he’s into her? What? No!

Though, I did not see him with Taryn. It blew my mind that her own sister would do such a thing. She knew that Jude was with Locke, and that he was romancing Jude, while at the same time Locke was going to ask Madoc permission to marry her. I thought that there was going to be a love triangle (even though I hoped not, I hate them), but not this one.  Holly Black was brilliant by doing this. It showed how twisted this world could turn a person.

Second of all, Oak. His twist was such a surprise to me. Jude knew before me, and when it clicked for me, I was terrified. Most of the Royal family was dead at that point, so, I was super scared for him. We didn’t spend as much time with him as we did Jude, Taryn or Vivi, but he’s a CHILD, I didn’t want them to hurt him. Though I knew that if they got the chance they would. That’s what scared me, in this world no one is safe, not even a cute little child. I think that Jude was so bad-ass in how she sorta of sacrificed her future to keep him safe.

Thought, that might be a tad questionable. Jude told Madoc, she is what he made her; she is his ‘daughter’, and just like Madoc was going to use Oak to rise up to power, Jude did the same in a way. She’s a human who now is pretty much in charge, in the behind the scenes. I think that she’s going to start to do it to protect Oak, but as we have seen in this book, she changed her way of doing things with ease.  I thought it was very interesting that Jude killed and buried someone in her backyard and moved on, and didn’t even think about him again. She been trying so hard to be accepted by them that she allowed herself to be corrupted and became like them.

So, she could take advantage of the position that she is in now to take power for herself. Why not?

Jude became this spy, murderer and trickster with ease and by the end of the book I thought that it felt natural that she was this way. I’m not losing hope, I think that she can still be good, or as good as someone can be in this universe, but I think that she will do some crazy/insane and possible horrible things in this series either to keep the power that she has achieved or to protect her friends and family.

Third. Crowning Cardan in the end was the biggest twist for me. I don’t know why I didn’t see it coming. I really thought Jude was going to crown Oak and maybe make herself Regent.This shows how naive I was, it took me the whole book to remember the saying ‘Dont judge a book by it’s cover’, because in this book nothing is what it seems.

Though, while talking to Meggie and Pola about this book, we came to the conclusion that, this was probably a mistake. Cardan said he didn’t want the crown, but now that he has it, will he give it up? He has promised Jude 1 year of his service, but Jude wants Oak to live in the human world at least 7 years, how will she control him them?

Cardan’s ‘love interest’ for Jude I saw coming, from the beginning I felt the tension between them. It made more sense to me than the romance with Locke. Their’s “realtionship'” is the stereotypical boys bullies girl because he likes her and doesn’t know how to express it thing. It was beginning to get to me a little, because it felt like the stereotypical, and I was a bit worried that it would ruin the book for me, but after getting to know Cardan more I liked the fact that Cardan really hated the fact that he had feelings for Jude. I’m really excited for their relationship in the sequel. Though, I agree with Pola that they shouldn’t be together. Cardan was really abusive and I doubt that Jude was is going to forget that. However, I’m sure that they will have a little fling, the chemistry between them two at the end of the books comes across are very hot and strong.

Some other things I liked about his series was; the period details, it was not an in-depth explanation of periods, but it was like ‘ BTW this is what periods are like here in this realm’, and we don’t really get that in many fantasy books, it’s like periods don’t exist. It helped separate Jude from everyone else even more, apparently the Faerie women don’t have periods so the fact that Jude does makes her more alien.

I loved the toilet details that we got at some point… super weird I know. I am a very big fan of the manga ONEPIECE, and the main character in that, Luffy, is a bit obsessed in asking if/how certain people poop [keep in mind though these ‘people’ I mention are not tconventional ‘people’ sometimes, this manga has skeletons and mermaids]. Anyway, because of Onepiece, when I read/watch something I wonder, ‘How do they poop?’, and this book had that it just made me happy.



I think our book club has started great. Want to know what my friends had to say about this book? Check out their YouTube channels:

→ The Ostrich Pen- The Cruel Prince Booktalk 

→  BookMeUpScotty  

The month of February is my turn to pick a book.

I Choose………

“Elenaor Oliphant is Completely FINE”  By Gail Honeyman

27605468_1724211210958306_1655463173_o (1)

I really don’t know much about this book, other than it it’s a debut novel that came about through a competition, that it is the winner of the Costa Book Awards, and that this book is about mental health, and I want to read more books on that topic.

Want to read with us? Go ahead. Invite a friend, and pass around the book. It’s all in fun.









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