Authors I love to read in a reading slump


*** I added links to the authors websites or to their Goodreads and certain book pages.


Last summer, I had a terrible reading slump. My brain just went “Nope, you’re not reading that new book, I’m on strike!”

Whenever I’m in a book slump I re-read a lot, and I noticed that I like re-reading certain authors. So, I made a list of some of these authors, and my favorite book of theirs, that always gets me through these tough reading slumps.

These are in no particular order of like-ness. Also, absolutely no spoilers.

1. Alanea Alder

I love both of her series ( Bewitched and Bewildered and Kindred of Arkadia). They crazy hilarious. I have never read any book that had the same level of humor in it. I absolutely love all the references to all the popular TV shows and films in both series. I am a closeted, in training geek, and every time I read a reference to Doctor Who or Star Wars, it just brings a smile to my face, no matter how many times I read Alanea’s books. Every time I re-read her books I always find some type of easter egg, and I feel like I just read the book for the first time.

Meryn and Rebecca are my spirit animals. I wish I could be as smart as both of them are, as funny, as sarcastic and as cute. Rebecca to me is like a a bear, just like her own bear, who is cuddly and cute, but will fight for her family when needed. Meryn is a baby velociraptor, to quote Beth “It’s cute because it’s small, but it’s also kinda deadly and dangerous”.

***p.s. Kindred of Arkadia series is a hiatus until 2019 I believe, so if you start it be ready to wait a while for a continuation in the series. Alanea Alder has said on her book-talks on YouTube that’s she’s going to re-release the whole series again independently, just as she has done with the Betwiched and Bewildred series. So maybe it would be smarter to wait for that before starting this series.

2. Nalini Singh

I am a big fan of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changelling series. It is a long series now, but I lost count of how many times I read this series from start to finish. I love the futurism os it, and the magic realism it has; how relatable the topics and themes of the series is to our world now, and the really hot sexy guys and girls.

I’m even more in love with this series, because Nalini Singh started season 2 of Psy-Changeling series, becoming the Psy-Changeling Trinity series. We’re getting to see more into this universe with more diverse characters, that we have sort of heard of before. I’m so excited for this season 2, I can’t even imagine who’s stories we’re going to get, and I can’t wait.

‘Kiss of Snow’ is one of my favorite books in the series. Since I first meet Hawke in ‘Slave to Sensation’, I really liked him, and thought he was dreamy and always wanted to read more of him, and having a whole novel dedicated to him and Sienna was lovely.

3. L. A. Casey

I really love L. A. Casey’s Slather Brother’s series, I love the brothers and the girls’ relationships. The romance in this series is steamy hot, and the bond that the characters have with each other, I am very much envious of.

‘Ryder’ and ‘Branna’ are my favourite book and novella (FYI L.A. Casey always releases a full lenght book and then a novella for that book in this series).  Every time I read them I cry and laugh, and have a nice time of having mixed feelings over these books.

I am dying to read ‘Damien’, which is due to be released in the 20th of March. (We fans, have waited quiet a while for this release date, and we are so excited). ‘Ryder’ nearly broke me emotional, and I know for sure that ‘Damien’ will DESTROY my emotion sensors.

4. M. K. Eidem

I love M. K. Eidem’s ‘Tornians’ and ‘Kalizians’ series ( they blend together btw). I love the space and alien aspects of these series, the development of the characters, and the originality of the stories.

I specially love ‘Ynyr’ and ‘Treyvon’. I love both couples in both books, and they are the ones I re-read the most when I reach for M. K. Eidem in a book slump. Although, lately I have been re-reading ‘A Grim Pet’ short story that was released in the ‘Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2’ anthology last year. I love reading about Grim, Lisa  and the girls. They were the first characters in this series, and they meant a lot to me, so it’s very nostalgic reading more about them.

Also, M. K. Eidem, I feel, doesn’t add new books in this series that often, so, even if it’s a short story I eat it up, like candy.

5. T. L. Haddix

‘Firefly Hollow‘ series by T. L. Haddix always melts my heart. I think this series is specially good to read during the Christmas time. The way that the characters celebrate Christmas just makes me feel in the mood for the holidays.

Her ‘Shadows’ series is also very romantic and lovely, but it has more darker themes and topics, and the intrigue of it keeps you hooked.

6. Charlie Cochet

Okay, maybe I was lying when I said that I didn’t read anything new. I was looking for a cheap (possibly free), quick, pointless read in the Kindle store, and then I found Charlie Cochet ‘Thirds’ series, which ended up being neither quick or pointless.

I remember looking at ‘Hell & High Water’ at some point before, but not buying it, and this time in my desperation for something to read I bought it, and thank God. This series is so funny. I love Dex so much, I wish he could be my big brother. His humor and the way that he tries to live his life as positive as possible, even when times are hard is very inspiring. Dex’s relationships with Sloane has some many up and downs, and it just kept me on my toes. I didn’t like Sloane at first, but he grew on me. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to like him at first, we find out together with Dex about him and his troubled life, so, I think we’re are meant to fall in love with him together with Dex.

There are so many unknowns in this series, and you find out everything at the same time that the characters do. It’s such an exciting and entertaining series. It’s fast paced and action packed, which actually made me want to excise and be fit….but that’s probably not going to happen, lets be real.

This is a m/m paranormal series (meaning this is a series with gay relataionships FYI). I have read many of them, and most of the blend together. I was afraid that this series would too, but it doesn’t. Charlie Cochet writing is very original and fresh. There may be some cheesy scenes, but I think we can blame Dex for that

There are many more authors that I love to read, but I always find myself reaching for these in particular.

If you like the sound of them, check them out, and let me know what you think.




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